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Language Centre

The Language Centre is a sought-after haven for many students to enjoy English-related materials while improving their language competence. Based on a weekly schedule, Language Centre Ambassadors organize and hold various activities:

  • English Workshop
  • Pub Quiz
  • Lunch Activities

English Lunch Programme 2021

Our English Lunch Programme was scheduled in early December. Different game booths were organized for our fellow Hipwoers to celebrate the joy and exhilaration of Christmas. Examples of our delicately-designed booth games included “Pin the Reindeer”, “Riddlin Candygram” and “Paper plate Wreath Game”.

Language Week

Our Language Week was held in May 2022 with the Chinese Language Learning Department. The theme “Hip Wo, Get Your Groove On!” was well-received by students across forms. With a week-long of language activities during English lessons and Home-Room Periods (HRP) to interactive and language-rich activities beyond the classroom settings, Language Week was an enormous success.
Some of the activities that garnered an overwhelming response included:
  • In-class language activities
  • HRP activity (Trivia & Spelling Bee)
  • Guess the Song
  • English Song Appreciation
  • After-school booth games

Other participation

Our fellow Hip Woers actively engaged themselves in external activities and demonstrated their versatility in terms of English writing and speaking. Here are some of the activities:
  • Readers’ Theatre (Nov, 2021, with Scholar English Alliance)
  • Common Room Recording Session (Dec, 2021, with Radio 3 RTHK)
  • Experiencing 21st English Writing with E-Learning tools (March, 2022)
  • Speaking for all Schools Workshop (May, 2022, with Scholar English Alliance)