Chinese (NCSS)

Curriculum overview

Learning Chinese is considered as one of the major steps to help non-Chinese speaking students integrate in the society, continue future studies and start their career in Hong Kong. 

Chinese Language Education Policy at DHW:
Chinese is a compulsory subject for the non-Chinese speaking students.  The Chinese is an adapted Chinese curriculum made with reference to the framework of mainstream Chinese, as well as the Chinese Language Curriculum Second Language Learning Framework.  Traditional characters are used and Cantonese is used as the medium of instruction.  With the diverse Chinese abilities of the students, group learning and teaching is used and the curriculum is adjusted accordingly.  Students need to attend Chinese public examinations, namely GCSE in Secondary 4 and GCE in Secondary 5 and 6.


There are three major objectives: 

  • Enabling all students to master Cantonese in the areas of speaking and listening as well as basic Chinese in the areas of reading and writing.  It serves to help them integrate in the local community.
  • Preparing students to sit for various public examinations, which may help them to further their studies and working life in Hong Kong.
  • Encourage students to take Putonghua to meet the further needs.