Curriculum Overview

The objectives of the Chinese Language Education Curriculum:

  1. Improve reading and writing skills, thinking skills, aesthetic skills and self-learning skills;
  2. Cultivate interest in Chinese learning, good Chinese learning attitude and habits;
  3. Cultivate aesthetic taste and cultivate temperament;
  4. Cultivate moral character and strengthen the sense of responsibility to the community;
  5. Realize Chinese culture and cultivate feelings for the country and nation.

Curriculum Features

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Diversified curriculum

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Language immersion

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Knowledge application

Apart from the formal curriculum, we also offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities in order to arouse students' learning interest. Students are expected to go out of the classroom and apply what they have learned in different contexts in order to enhance their interest and ability in language. 

Students have plentiful opportunities to participate in Chinese activities through: 

  • Chinese Club
  • Chinese Debate Team
  • Chinese Drama Workshop
  • Chinese Recitation Team
  • "Bang Ming" Editorial Board

Regular competitions and activities include: 

  • School recitation festival 
  • School drama festival
  • Joint-school Chinese competition
  • Singing competition
  • Thematic report competition
  • Chinese knowledge quiz
  • Speech competition
  • Debate competition, 
  • Chinese Week
  • Chinese traditional craft workshops