Careers and Life Development


Awareness and promise
We raise students' awareness on their own career/academic aspirations and guide students to steer their own direction through self-understanding and exploring different industries and job sectors. Students are expected to set an action plan to achieve their career goals and reflect on their progress and the feasibility of attaining the goals from time to time. They should continue to make necessary adjustments through the cyclic process of Planning-Implementation-Evaluation (PIE) for continuous improvement.
Nurturing independence

We believe that it is our job to guide students to make their own career decisions by empowering them to make informed and responsible choices on their learning, career goals and other aspects leading to a meaningful life.

Knowing One-self & the Competition 
Students need to know their own strengths as well as the situation of the job market to better prepare themselves and understand their own career/academic aspirations.

Catering for students’ needs
Students are grouped in accordance with their abilities and aspirations. We offer diversified programmes to different groups of students in order to cater for their individual needs.



Students are guided to
  1.  establish and persist on their career aspiration, nurture a positive learning and working attitude;
  2.  make an informed and responsible decision for their study or careers based on their ability; and
  3.  plan in multiple ways and equip themselves to develop their careers after graduation.


The Life Development curriculum covers S.1 to S.6, it includes “Goal Setting”, “Knowing one-self”, “Subject Selection” in the junior secondary section, it transits to “Chase for dream”, “Career exploration and experience” in the senior secondary section. The curriculum aims to guide students to actualise their potential through pursuit of their personal/career goals.



A wide range of life-planning and career guidance activities are organised to provide students with quality life planning education and career guidance service which are aligned with their developmental needs at different stages of growth.