Applied Learning

Curriculum overview

Applied Learning (ApL) courses are elective subjects within the senior secondary curriculum. ApL offers studies with equal emphasis on practice and theory linked to broad professional and vocational fields. A flexible combination of ApL with core subjects, elective subjects and Other Learning Experiences helps provide students with holistic learning. ApL aims to enable students to understand fundamental theories and concepts, develop their beginners’ skill set, career-related competencies and generic skills. ApL helps students explore their career aspirations and orientation for lifelong learning. 

We offer the following courses for our students:

  1. Western Cuisine (E)
  2. Aviation Studies (E)
  3. Computer Game and Animation Design (C)
  4. Accounting for e-Business (C)
  5. Exercise Science and Health Fitness (E & C)
  6. Tech Basics (E)

E – for EMI students; C – for CMI students

Applied Learning Scholarship

Some of our S6 students were awarded the Applied Learning Scholarship (2019/20 School Year) for their outstanding performance. This scholarship programme is jointly organised by the Law’s Charitable Foundation and the Education Bureau.

Details of the Scholarship

Applied Learning Scholarship - Special Recognition Award
MALIK AQSA AYOUB AWAN - Chinese in Business Service

Applied Learning Scholarship
DAS NISAN CHANDRA -Exercise Science and Health Fitness
MUHAMMAD WAQAS -Exercise Science and Health Fitness
MCKENZIE CHANTAL FAYE - Medical Laboratory Science
FANG YILI - Computer Game and Animation Design
FENG MENGQI - Accounting for eBusiness
MOK KAI YAN - Child Care and Development