School Features

Igniting the passion for knowledge

DHW offers a diversified curriculum and abundant learning opportunities to prepare students to achieve their future career goals. More importantly, these meaningful learning opportunities allow students to apply their skills and knowledge and to discover more. To cater for diverse learning needs, after-school academic support such as homework tutorials and enhancement classes for different subjects are provided. Each year, we organize several learning-themed weeks such as STREAM Week, English Week, Chinese Week and Reading Week, etc. to promote a love of learning.


Nurturing student growth

The Student Support Division aims to provide students all-rounded pastoral care. The Discipline and Guidance Committee is dedicated to enhance the wellbeing of our students by giving them timely and appropriate support and guidance. They work closely with experienced social workers and Educational Psychologists to cater for the needs of students with a range of strategies including individual counselling, life skills building and partnering with parents etc. While the Career Guidance Committee assists students with their career and life development, the Moral and Civic Education Committee and the Co-curricular Activities Committee foster value education and whole person development.


STREAM education

With reading being the foundation, the school-based STREAM education puts emphasis on developing students’ self-learning attitude, creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, in which students integrate knowledge of different domains through learning in a cross-disciplinary mode. Apart from taking part in the after-class STEM activities, S1 – S3 students are tasked with collaborative projects such as making 4WD cars, musical instruments and holographic animation in their formal curriculums. Our students have actively participated in various STEM-related competitions to demonstrate their innovative minds and problem-solving skills, in which they have achieved outstanding results and become more interested in the STEM discipline and the recent trends of technological development.


Multicultural education

As a vibrant community with around 28 ethnicities, we strive to foster mutual understanding and appreciation towards cultural diversity so as to create a collaborative and harmonious learning environment as our school name Hip Wo denotes. We believe in embracing different cultures, beliefs and values as the cornerstone of a truly inclusive school and endeavour to broaden students' global perspectives in order to prepare them to be part of the global community.

Sports and Arts

Recognizing the importance of sports in one’s personal growth and wellbeing, we encourage our students to take up sports in their spare time. Students can choose from Basketball Team to Cricket Team, Swimming Team to Track and Field Team, etc. Similarly, we actively foster the appreciation of arts and creativity through engaging students in different aspects of arts such as visual arts, performing arts and music. 

Bilingual language environment

Our school prides itself on being a multicultural institution with many ethnicities and languages represented. Naturally, English is used across the school campus during and after class time. The authentic English language environment at DHW enhances students’ confidence and proficiency in English. Meanwhile, the Chinese community at DHW contributes to the immersion of Chinese language environment for our non-Chinese students.

Scholarships and financial aids

DHW offers numerous scholarships to students for their outstanding academic achievements and remarkable community service. Additionally, we provide financial aids to deserving students to attend overseas learning opportunities. We truly believe that all students should have the chance to succeed as long as they work hard to achieve their goals.