Greetings from Delia Hip Wo!

Alumni continue to prosper in their tertiary education

A moments of truth between our new family members and class teachers

Hip Wo English Team bags almost full championships in Delia Group of Schools’ English writing Competition AGAIN!!!

Hipwoers exemplified the essence of MULTIPLE PATHWAYS along the way

Latest Human Library Episode: Khan Suskriti; An all-rounded individual and trained English teacher in Taiwan

Latest Human Library Episode: Issac Kwok; An aspiring app designer

Latest Human Library Episode: Jatinder Singh Gill; from a demotivated student to a Mathematics Teacher & Teacher Trainer in Coventry, UK.

Alumni Serve as Inspiration: Zhang Caimei, an aspiring pet groomer


Academic Achievements


SED letter from EDB to all parents and students


Hip Wo Human Library


Initiation Programme for Newly Arrived Children


S6 Completion Ceremony 2018/19


Completion Ceremony 2018/19


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