There is a THIRD term?! Yes, you are right.

Final examination in PROGRESS

Outstanding Student Athlete Award for 3 Hipworriors and Rank 2 in Division One Boys Hockey

A courtesy visit by Dr. Christine Choi, Under Secretary for Education

English is not only about tenses; have you forgotten the FUN element?

After all, Maths is not only about drilling; have you forgotten the FUN?

Becoming a Mr/Ms UNESCO World Heritage know-it-all

Two Hipwoers penned award winning Chinese literary work in a territory-wide competition

Albert Einstein? Snow White? Romeo? Yes, all in SEVEN English Drama Shows

16th May, a day for students to share their learning outcome


Hip Wo Human Library


Initiation Programme for Newly Arrived Children


S6 Completion Ceremony 2018/19


Completion Ceremony 2018/19


Summer School