A courtesy visit by Dr. Christine Choi, Under Secretary for Education

English is not only about tenses; have you forgotten the FUN element?

After all, Maths is not only about drilling; have you forgotten the FUN?

Becoming a Mr/Ms UNESCO World Heritage know-it-all

Two Hipwoers penned award winning Chinese literary work in a territory-wide competition

Albert Einstein? Snow White? Romeo? Yes, all in SEVEN English Drama Shows

16th May, a day for students to share their learning outcome

A courtesy visit by Mr. James Betts, Deputy Police Commander of Kowloon East Region

Exploring Multiple Pathways beyond Hong Kong’s border

What do you think of Chinese Language Learning of NCS Students in Hong Kong?


Hip Wo Human Library


Initiation Programme for Newly Arrived Children


S6 Completion Ceremony 2018/19