Pathways can indeed be diverse

Hipwoers exemplified the essence of MULTIPLE PATHWAYS

Hip Wo Budding Writers on their authorship

Aspiring Actor and Actress, Li Yeung Ming and Guo Lili showcase their learning in a public performance

TS in action for our junior forms

Hip Wo welcomes new Hipwoers

Don’t just learn English; LIVE IT!

5G and New Gym welcomes Hipwoers for the new academic year

2019-2020 Classroom Allocation

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As typhoon No. 8 will soon be hoisted, all school classes, functions and activities on 31/7 afternoon will be cancelled.

HIP WO ranks 151 out of 455 Schools in Hong Kong

Ready to POWER UP? Ready to MOVE UPWARD?

A platform for Hip Wo volunteers to be official referees

15th May, a day for students to share their learning outcome

“Materializing Multiple Pathways in a 15-month timeframe!” Our S5 parents’ night theme


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Academic Achievements


A Practical Guide to the Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 Prevention


Delia Hip Wo Newsletter


Hip Wo Human Library


Initiation Programme for Newly Arrived Children


S6 Completion Ceremony 2018/19


Completion Ceremony 2018/19


Summer School