Hip Wo Budding Writers on their authorship

Aspiring Actor and Actress, Li Yeung Ming and Guo Lili showcase their learning in a public performance

TS in action for our junior forms

Hip Wo welcomes new Hipwoers

Don’t just learn English; LIVE IT!

5G and New Gym welcomes Hipwoers for the new academic year

2019-2020 Classroom Allocation

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As typhoon No. 8 will soon be hoisted, all school classes, functions and activities on 31/7 afternoon will be cancelled.

HIP WO ranks 151 out of 455 Schools in Hong Kong

Ready to POWER UP? Ready to MOVE UPWARD?


Academic Achievements


A Practical Guide to the Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 Prevention


Hip Wo Human Library


Initiation Programme for Newly Arrived Children


S6 Completion Ceremony 2018/19


Completion Ceremony 2018/19


Summer School