Students joining the ‘Hope for Success’ Award Scheme for career planning

Promotion of Installation of Eclass App

Our students helps the ICAC to promote anti-corruption among ethnic minorities

School-Police Cooperation reinforces support for the Non-Chinese speaking students

Annual Sports Day fully demonstrated racial harmony

Fruitful Experience for Hip Wo Staff Interflow

The New School Opening Ceremony revealed the close relationship between language learning and an inclusive campus

Major Concerns of the 4th cycle School Development Plan—‘Constructing an Inclusive Campus with Harmony’ and ‘Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teaching and Learning’

Alumni obtained outstanding student scholarship during her study in Taiwan

‘Facebook’ platform proves effective—a steady increase in the number of graduates going to Taiwan for further studies

Alumni Felix Xing shared his recent study experience in Taiwan

The initiation of co-curricular activities and extended curriculum in 2015/16

Presentation of student learning achievements through student work publication

Congratulations to Stanley Sin’s admission to the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong

Ceasing of lessons without Ceasing to learn— Making full use of summer vacation to extend learning experience


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