Since its establishment, Delia Hip Wo has been providing educational services to local ethnic groups. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of the society, it has admitted lots of students from the newly-immigrated families from the mainland. At present, Delia Hip Wo has become a specialized school in offering education service both to the ethnicity minority students and the newly-arrival students in Hong Kong.


We are committed to developing Delia Hip Wo as a place for ‘Balanced development of five virtues, Integration of multiple cultures and Success opportunities and actualization’.


Integration of multicultures: We strive to develop multicultural education and cultivate our students’ multicultural values and international horizons, enabling them to be able to respect, accept and appreciate different ethnic groups and their cultures, for constructing a harmonized campus to meet the trend of globalization.


A balanced development of 5 virtues: With the education goal of student-centred education, we are dedicated to developing students to their full potential. Our aim is to nurture students’ generic skills, knowledge, values and attitudes as well as enable them to receive an all-rounded development of five virtues: ethics, intellect, physical development, social skills and aesthetics.


Create opportunity of success: Everyone has a chance for success. We strongly believe that education should lead one to the path of success rather than failure. Hence, we endeavor to establish a campus that is full of success opportunities so that everyone will work hard to attain success.