School Motto

As a school offering educational services to the ethnic minority and the newly-arrival students, various challenges and difficulties encountered throughout have cultivated the culture of - ‘Striving for advancement despite adversity’. Not only is this the belief of all teaching staff, but also serves as a motto and driving force for continuous development of the school. 


Educational Objectives

With the belief in education for all and equal opportunity, we are committed to offering essential life-long learning experiences for whole person development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physical development, social skills and aesthetics, according to individual potentials, so that all students could become active, responsible, and contributing members of society, the nation and the world.


‘Direct Subsidy Scheme’ (DSS) School Receiving Government Subsidy

In September 1999, our school joined ‘Direct Subsidy Scheme’ officially and became a fully government-subsidized secondary school. ‘Direct Subsidy Scheme’ is characterized in two perspectives. Firstly, the government subsidizes schools with public funds. Secondly, schools are given greater autonomy in the areas of finance, curriculum and students admission. It has been commented by some scholars that ‘directly-subsidized school is an advanced step in school-based management’ and it allows more flexibility in the management. This new system empowers us to facilitate autonomy and accountability; motivate us to implement various measures for enhancement and provides parents with a wider scope and better quality of education services. Therefore, it has been said that, ‘A new hope of the government in the area of educational reform lies on directly-subsidized schools’.


School with Uniqueness: Integration of Multicultures

As Delia Hip Wo has students of different ethnic backgrounds, it naturally constitutes a multicultural school campus. With the trend in globalization in the 21st century, not only does this harmonized multicultural school campus promise an ideal English and Chinese learning environment, it also offers a multicultural education platform which helps widen students’ horizons, develop respect and appreciation towards different cultures in the world.



A Specialized School Providing Educational Services to Newly-Arrival Students from the Mainland and Students of Ethnic Minority Groups

Our school is composed of the ‘newly-arrival students from the Mainland’ and the ‘students of ethnic minority groups’ (non-Chinese speaking students). We possess ample managerial experience, comprehensive support and guidance mechanism together with tailor-made school curriculum to cater the needs of these students. In addition, we have developed close collaboration relationship with various stakeholders of different spectrum from governmental to non-governmental level. All these make Delia Hip Wo a specialized school to provide quality education services to the ‘newly-arrival students from the Mainland’ and the ‘students of ethnic minority groups’. We aim at constructing an integrated, inclusive campus with harmony, by offering abundant opportunities of interaction among students from the Mainland and students of ethnic minority groups.