2023/24 Classroom Allocation

2324 S1 Class Allocation 20230724

Dear parents/guardians,


Since there are 4 RAT positive cases in S3C in these 3 days, the school is instructed by the CHP to stop 3C’s face-to-face lessons for one week while other classes will have face-to-face classes as normal. The school will sensitize the campus thoroughly. Thank you for your attention!

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Dear parents,

To ensure the safety and health of students, the EDB requires all teachers, school staff and students to complete an RAT every school day and obtain a negative test result before returning to school.

Please handle the followings

  1. Guide your child to do the rapid test.
  2. Sign on the "COVID-19 Rapid-Antigen Test (RAT) Result Declaration Form" (see appendix).
  3. If it is not convenience to have the print out the Declaration Form, then please write and sign on a note to verify the negative result. Declaration Forms will be distributed to the students concerned on the school opening day.
  4. Ask your child to bring the signed form / note to school on the school opening day.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact the school office (telephone no.: 2342-3198).

Wish all of you good health!

Delia Hip Wo


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