2023-2024 Secondary School Experience Day

On 25th November and 2nd December, our school had the pleasure of hosting an exhilarating experience day for primary students.  This event provided them with a taste of holistic education at DHW, where students can develop their creative, linguistic, STEAM, and physical abilities in a positive and enjoyable environment.

In the art workshop, students had an exciting opportunity to create their own unique style of spinning tops using paints, nurturing their creativity and imagination.  To make language learning enjoyable and interactive, EMI students and CMI students had fun-filled Putonghua and English classes respectively, incorporating games and happiness to overcome language difficulties.  Furthermore, in STEM education, students transformed into inventors as they constructed their own motors and dynamos, cultivating problem-solving skills and fostering innovation.  Taking care of students' physical health, PE lessons were held in the gymnasium, offering a range of activities.  Alongside traditional exercises, students could engage in gymnastics, cycling on exercise bikes, and even experience the thrill of playing cricket.  The day concluded with a school tour, allowing the students to explore and appreciate the school's environment.  

We hope everyone had a "funtastic" learning experience in DHW!