DHW Arts Week 2324

DHW Arts Week was a fantastic celebration of creativity and imagination.  During the week of 13th to 17th November, we had a series of remarkable activities for our students to join and enjoy.

First, it was an honor to invite various artists to perform and deliver inspirational talks to our students. This included Anton Poon as our guest speaker, an acapella performance from the Backup Singers, a marionette play, and a mesmerizing mask illusion performance.  During the lunch hour, our talented students showcased their musical abilities at the 3/f podium, creating an electrifying atmosphere.  After school, our DIY workshops provided an opportunity for students to express their creativity through painting and crafting.

Thanks to everyone's participation, the Arts Week was fruitful, fun, and unforgettable!  We appreciate everyone's contributions in celebrating and fostering creativity and imagination.