CLAP-TECH ApL Course - Tech Basics

CLAP-TECH Pathway is an education model that incorporates career and life development in its curriculum throughout the five-year journey with emphasis on nurturing both ICT knowledge and attributes ubiquitously essential to all workplaces. Under the Jockey Club Multiple Pathways Initiative funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, CLAP-TECH Pathway adopts a tripartite collaboration between three parties, namely university, industry partners, and secondary schools in Hong Kong.



The pathway aims at developing students for the new-collar jobs that ICT and STEM industries in Hong Kong will require. An important feature of the study pathway is that the participating industry partners will support the learning of senior-form secondary students throughout the entire journey, by offering mentorships, internships and other experiences.

Key Factors Positioning CLAP-TECH Pathway As A Unique Journey

Industry Participation
  • Industry partners are directly involved in the curriculum development
  • Mentorship linkage
  • In-class case studies based on real-life scenarios

Through-train: tightly couples with the Higher Diploma programme by design

Professional Recognition:, students will receive

  • IBM P-TECH Certification upon completion of the CLAP-TECH Pathway programme

  • Hong Kong Computer Society student membership (at age 16)


Mentorship Programme


Microsoft VR Production Workshop

Co-curricular Activities

Every academic year, we strongly encourage students to participate internal and external science and technology related activities, for example:

  1. Inter-house Technology Competition 
  2. Visit to Space Museum 
  3. HKIRC CyberSecurity Competition 
  4. IBM Chatbot Competition 
  5. MIT BootCamp Workshop 

IBM Chatbot Competition