Collection of Textbook and School Uniform (released on 10-8-2020)

Dear parents,

If you child has ordered textbook and / or school uniform from the school, please note following collection arrangement:



12/08/2020 (Wednesday)


Secondary One: 09:00

Secondary Two: 11:00

Secondary Three: 12:00

Secondary Four: 14:00

Secondary Five & Six: 15:00


1/F School Hall


Please be reminded to bring along the order form, receipt or cash to school. To avoid overcrowding, parents do not need to accompany students for the collection; or parents may collect the items for your child.

During the pandemic, students are advised to stay home and follow precautionary health measures strictly. In the meantime, kindly visit our school website frequently for updates. For enquiries, please call our General Office at 2342-3198.

Wish all of you good health and hope the pandemic would be over soon!

Delia Hip Wo



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