Follow-up on the increasing confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong

Regarding the recent increasing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, students should pay attention to the followings:

(A) Individual’s responsibility

It is very important to maintain personal hygiene, especially in public


(B) Special arrangement

1. School would only be suspended if

− there is any confirmed COVID-19 case among our staff, students or their close family members in Hong Kong;

− the Education Bureau made an announcement.

2. In case of any school suspension, students should visit the school website to check the latest announcement every day.


(C) Registration

1. Repeat cases

− class teachers will contact the parents of students concerned;

− registration will be done after the parents’ interview.

2. Special cases

− class teachers will contact the parents of students concerned;

− follow-up will be handled after the parents’ interview.

3. Ordinary cases

− for report card collection and registration arrangement, refer to the announcement to be posted on the school website;

− unless parents submit withdrawal letters, students will be promoted and a place will be reserved for the next school year;

− if any students like to order textbooks through the school, they have to:

i. download the order form from the school website;or collect the form from the school general office during office hours

ii. submit the hard copy of the order form to school on or before 25/07/2020

iii. settle the payment at any 7-11 store; or pay cash on the textbook collection day on 12/08


If there are any problems, students should contact the class teachers or office staff.




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