Bandwidth Support for E-learning at Home Scheme

Bandwidth Support for E-learning at Home Scheme aims to provide eligible students a SIM card with mobile data for two months so that they can continue to learn at home during the outbreak of COVID-19. All students who are receiving the support of the following scheme are eligible to apply this scheme. It will be served in First-come, First-served basis.

-       Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme

-       School Textbook Assistance Scheme(Half Grant or Full Grant)

-       Student Travel Subsidy Scheme(Half Grant or Full Grant)

Application procedure:

1.     Call school IT committee’s office to register(23423198)

2.     Provide certificate to school general office to verify the status(Need not to do if completed)

3.     School IT committee will approach you directly for making an appointment to take the SIM card at school

4.     Complete the registration at School IT committee’s office and take the SIM card.



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