Me2We all the way in our Multicultural Festival

Me2We all the way in our Multicultural Festival

Anticipation builds and the excitement grows as our Multicultural Festival gets closer and closer. Yet another spectacular, amazing and energizing Multicultural Festival themed Me2We took place between 9th and 13th December. Without a doubt, this is the most favorite event in our school calendar. The school glows with the smiles and energy of the students and teachers. The techno music coupled with the ingenious opening ceremony where a group of Hercules exemplified the essence of collaboration and teamwork; a new format of dodgeball competition in our newly furbished gym; Sikh temple visit; daily reading quizzes; fashion show; food fest; variety show and other array of activities brought Hip Wo to a WE ambience. Not to forget, during the week, the school was also filled with the festive ambience, exhilarating participation by all stakeholders, pulsating music and more. So stay tuned for Multicultural Festival 2020!

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