Hip Wo’s new year “Me2We” begins!!!

Hip Wo’s new year “Me2We” begins!!!

Yes, you read it right. The Hip Wo’s New Year aka Multicultural Festival begins. During lunch time at 1pm today, our five fabulous Hercules from S1 demonstrated how “we” can pull a pyramid of tyres (app. 200kg) for 50 meters instead of “me” in an energetic way with the background music of eye of the tiger. The opening ceremony was accompanied by two singing performances that rocked the whole campus.

Me2We is the theme for this year’s Multicultural Festival. The focus will be on the assimilation process: the individual’s uniqueness (Me) and their integration (We). By participating in social activities, students can develop a sense of belonging with peers and school mates regardless of their differences. They can develop an identity that goes beyond them to a collective identity. Through the exposure and participation of students in the variety of activities, they will appreciate each other’s individualism whilst co-existing. The School emphasizes the importance of catering for the needs, goals and desires of the group as a whole. Hence, the theme of Me2We will help further strengthen the value of respect, acceptance and appreciation of different cultures.

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