Humans of Hip Wo: Niejel, a devoted prefect

Humans of Hip Wo: Niejel, a devoted prefect

Greetings, my name is Niejel and I serve the school’s Prefect team as one of the Prefect team leaders. I have been a Prefect since form 3 and I’ve been honourably serving the team since. Some of you may have seen me around doing what I do, but if I have to be honest, it can get boring sometimes. Personally, being a Leader can be rewarding and challenging at times. I feel as though my fellow schoolmates acknowledge and respect me more, but at the same time maintaining discipline and order has proven to be difficult. I’m often told that I take my job too seriously and that I’m unapproachable, but don’t hesitate to try!

I wasn’t always a Prefect, I was once very ignorant and disliked all those talks about “maintaining discipline” or how we should behave as “good students”. I thought they were boring and no one really listened. Well, at least I didn’t. I always had a deep sense of understanding certain concepts, so my behaviour and mindset all changed when my old class teacher told and taught me to “appreciate my Life more” and find some kind of purpose. Not too long after that, I began holding some sort of meaning to the different people I’ve met and the new responsibilities I had to uphold.

Throughout the years of being a student of Hip Wo, I’ve met amazing new people and that goes a long way. One of the many people I’ve met would be the person you see in the photo standing next to me! It doesn’t have much to do with being a Prefect, but I’d like to put great emphasis on the kind of people you meet in your high school years. You will befriend new people and lose old ones. You will develop different traits and change in personality. Regardless of what takes place, high school is a journey of seeing and experiencing multiple sides of the same dice. You may struggle, face hesitation or even dilemmas. However, I was once told that, “To live and to feel alive, is to face all of what Life throws at you. That feeling of ecstasy, that feeling of dreadful fear, to be able to feel all of that is what feeling alive is all about.”

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