Michael John’s (Muay Thai Professional) encouragement of Sports Development in Hip Wo

Our school put equal emphasis on students’ academic achievement as well as sports development. Every year, our school teams obtained exemplary results in the interschool sports competitions. Examples include football, basketball, cricket, hockey, volleyball, athletic and swimming. But we offer more than that.

Muay Thai known as Art of Eight Limbs is not only a popular sports in Hong Kong but also a profession of some of our graduates such as Michael John (Class 2012) and Ghale Nibesh (Class 2015). We started Muay Thai 3 years ago when Michael John wanted to help some students to develop their confidence and focus in their studies. His class is growing and there are 7 reasons why anyone should join!

  1. Achieving a great physique
  2. Strengthening yourself mentally
  3. Cultivating self-discipline
  4. Enjoying awesome, effective martial art
  5. Training to be calm
  6. Building courage
  7. Widening your Hipwoer’s social circle

For more information you may contact Mr. Wan, our PE Department Head.

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