CLAP-TECH students 4 Coding Workshop @ Credit Suisse

Python, HTML, CSS, SQL, JAVA and many other computer languages have become an essential for students to master. In view of this need, our school has recently become one of the five pioneering schools in Hong Kong in a Jockey Club funded programme together with our industry partner HSBC to launch a 3-year programme to equip our students with the essential skills and career & life planning experiences to pursue the new collar TECH job in their senior form schooling experience. Recently, this group of CLAP-TECH students attended a 3-hour workshop at Credit Suisse where they were introduced to the upcoming advanced workshops; engaged in micro:bits, block programming and JavaScript; and of course the unforgettable office tour in their ICC tower. For more details about our CLAP-TECH programme, you may contact Mr. Mok Chun Man at 2342 3198.

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