Sports Day for ALL

Many students love Sports Day. This year’s Annual Sports Day was held on October 2nd and 3rd at Kowloon Bay Sports Ground. The core message of SPORTS FOR ALL and overcoming adversity was exemplified when all the students and teaching staff orbited once the sports ground as the opening ceremony. It is hoped that students would make sports as part of their daily life and never give up easily when faced with setbacks.

In addition to the message of the Sports Day, students were given the opportunity to prove themselves in the sporting venue: either as an athletes or as a volunteers. It was a clear show of Hip Wo’s diverse community. From athletes to spectators, from teachers to parents, the energy of the event enveloped all in attendance. One notable addition to the spectacle were the House T-shirts and the creative DIY T-shirts worn by the different classes. It made for a rich colors in the viewing stands. Not to forget, watching the 3000-meter race was spectacle.

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