Human’s of Hip Wo: Issac Kwok (Class 2015)

My name is Kwok Chun Ho (Isaac), graduated from Delia Hip Wo in 2015. I’m currently studying at Institute of Information Systems and Applications (Master Degree) in National Tsing Hua University.

I had spent a memorable and remarkable school life in Delia Hip Wo, it was just like a big family, where I met a lot of friends and teachers. When I was in S.5, I started to consider my future and I realized that there are so many opportunities in Taiwan. Therefore, I decided to study at Department of Information Management (Bachelor Degree) in Ming Chuan University. Afterwards, I got recommendation letters from Principal Tsui, and I was admitted in 2015 spring semester, it was a glad news for me at that time!

I’ve finished the 4-years program in Ming Chuan University, it was fruitful and I learnt a lot of professional knowledges in the Computer Science & Business fields. I won 2 consecutive year championships in a national competition of information technology with my team. Then, I was admitted by Tsing Hua University with my rich experience, move on and go forward on the road to the profession of Information Technology.

Nation Tsing Hua University, ranked second among universities in Taiwan. Not only papers that published in filed of Chemistry, Physics, Material Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Biological Technology and Clinical Medicine are ranked in front of the world, but also 3 professors was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry. It’s a pleasure for me the be a student in Tsing Hua University, and I believe that I will be able to learn more IT knowledges in the following 2 years, then giving back to the community with what I learnt.

Time flies, I have graduated for 4 years and I really miss those days in Delia Hip Wo! I think I made the best choice to study in Taiwan. Hope you can know more information about studying in Taiwan with my sharing, and it helps with your future! Your life is yours, every step you make, can change the future.


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