5G and New Gym welcomes Hipwoers for the new academic year

Heavy rain welcomed everyone to school on our first day of our academic year. Our new principal, Miss Lam Yim Ling addressed to all students in the school opening ceremony. It was an interactive speech where students’ attention were drawn to the importance of goal setting and its implementation. Miss Lam explained and exemplified how Hipwoers can incept 5Gs concept (Goal, Go, Grow, Glow, Gold) this academic year. And Miss Lam is already booking students for lunch and if you want to be on her guest list, please RSVP.

Students were also amazed and mesmerized by the major uplift in our school gymnasium. The new fitness room and cricket net will bring a lot of joy to everyone! Before we forget, the school has a new water drinking area in the gym too. So get a nice bottle and fill your bottle a few times from there!

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