“Traffic tower, clear runway for Flight Hip Wo to take off”

Have you ever thought about what is the best way to fold a paper plane and fly it? How far and how long can it stay in the air? What are the aerodynamics and science concepts behind it? How can your team improve it? These are in fact some questions we give to our students and provoke their critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills in our HW STEM Activity.

Recently, the Science Club organized a “Hip Wo Paper Wings Competition” to get our students research on different types of paper plane and construct a DIY plane on the site and produce the longest flight time. Similarly, another activity was arranged to get students to make their own designed nametag on a shrink plastic and manipulate the properties. The atmosphere was jolly and exciting! If you see a lot of planes around the School Hall, don’t get us wrong.

With the skills learnt, our school takes active part in nominating our students to take part in external competitions and hone their STEM competence.

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