A HOT DOG Day that sync with IDERD

A HOT DOG Day that sync with IDERD

As per tradition, the Multicultural Ambassadors organized the HOT DOG day on 21st March to raise students’ awareness of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD). Activities such as pledge taking, performances, student-run stalls and of course free flow of hot dogs were there to reinforce the message of “I will stop RACIAL DISCRIMINATION in my generation”. Joining us together on this day was the Police Team from Sau Mau Ping District and the AFS.

Perhaps, you might also be wondering what the relationship between HOT DOG day and IDERD is at this point. Few years back, we wanted to make IDERD as part of students’ vocabulary bank and thought of coming up with something more relevant to them and found the HOT DOG acronym which stands for Hit Out The Discrimination in Our Generation would be a best recall. Hence, if you hear happy HOT DOG Day next time when you visit us, it is IDERD and don’t forget the hot dog and other surprises!

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