Wishing all the best for Class 2019!

On 1st March, the campus was filled with mixed emotions. There is no greater recognition of a Hipwoer’s than receiving a befitting S6 Completion Ceremony. Students of all the seven classes shared their moments of truth in Hip Wo and their outlook on the future in their own creative way. Graduation certificates were handed out to graduating classes and each class took the opportunity to showcase their heartfelt appreciation and indebtedness to their parents and teachers. It was a befitting farewell where our S6 students were seen taking selfies and shirt signing as that day was their last official school day. From the atmosphere and composure of the students, they would definitely miss the routines of a secondary schooler and a place they called their second home. The school congratulates Class 2019 on their achievements and wishes them all the best on their new journey!

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Completion Ceremony 2018/19


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