Recipients of Hip Wo’s Sports Scholarship Scheme announced

Given the diversity of our student body, more and more students are demonstrating their talents and strengths in different disciplines, sports in particular, which made us to further nurture the potential of these students and support their positive endeavor. In order to further motivate and spur students’ motivation and materialize their dream and success in sports, we have launched a Sports Scholarship Scheme to meet the needs of these students.

The 1st ever recipients of Hip Wo Sports Scholarship goes to five of our S6 students, namely, Cai Weiqi (6E2), Chiu Man Kwan (6E1), Peng Zhen (6E2), Yu Chu Xin (6E2), Yu Tan Teung (6E2). These students truly deserve the scholarship because they have excelled in sports and wishes to explore a possible pathway in this discipline. We congratulate them and look forward to hearing from them in the near future.

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