Reading makes a perfect individual! But in Hip Wo Style……

Reading makes a perfect individual! But in Hip Wo Style……

It is every teachers’ and parents’ dream to see their students or children reading a book and become a prolific reader. In Hip Wo, we regard reading as one of the most important learning experiences for our learners and always push ourselves to think out of the box to cultivate this reading interest and convert it into a reading habit.

So how are we different? Apart from the must-have conventional approaches that we in place long ago, we have also launched a reading café to serve our “Prolific Readers” and the aspiring ones too. This café creates an enjoyable and stress-free environment for our readers. You can book a spot in the café too. Our dedicated Reading Committee is tasked with the followings:

  • To create a reading community
  • To grow independent readers
  • To foster reading across curriculum

Now, stay tuned for our Reading Day Activity in April. For more updates, you may follow our Reading Committee’ Instagram @hwreadingcommunity for latest updates.

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