A goal setting day with S2 parents

A goal setting day with S2 parents

On the afternoon of 17th November, our S2 parents were invited to have a get together with the teachers to look into the issue of Goal Setting. This gathering allowed the opportunity for both the class teachers and parents to review not only the learning performance of the students but also to identify the roles of parents in their children’s goal setting. The meeting was part of school’s effort to build a strong partnership between parents and teachers. This partnership allows both the teachers and parents to seek ways to work together to ensure the students’ success.

The gathering commenced with a thematic talk on Goal Setting followed by one-to-one parent-teacher conference in classroom with class teachers and subject teachers. Both parents and teachers found this gathering effective as it addresses the fundamental needs and making students’ ownership of their life planning. Last but not least, the language departments also highlighted the language support we have in our language center to develop students’ language ability beyond lesson time.

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