Hipwoers exemplified the essence of MULTIPLE PATHWAYS along the way

Hipwoers exemplified the essence of MULTIPLE PATHWAYS along the way

As mentioned earlier, this year, we had more than 30 offers from JUPAS (Joint-university Places Allocation System) with at least five offers from the University of Hong Kong. This might be a joyful moment for them but it is more important for us to see how we can help those with no offers.

In fact, sometimes when student graduates without grades or exam results to progress directly to University, they can feel as if they have hit a dead-end. But with a well-informed career and studies mapping, they can progress to a university degree programme taking advantage of the multiple pathway conception.

Likewise, some of our recent graduates who were studying in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of Chinese University have managed to achieve a high Grade Point Average (GPA) and would articulate to undergraduate programmes:

Chen Yu (Class 2016)

Higher Diploma in Applied Translation Studies

Cheung Hing Ar (Class 2016)

Higher Diploma in Chinese

Leung Ka Lam (Class 2016)

Higher Diploma in Chinese

Lin Ziyang (Class 2017)

Diploma in Foundation Studies

So, remember there is really a no “DEAD-END” in the concept of MULTIPLE PATHWAYS. If you need some assistance or advice, you may contact Mr. Rizwan at 2342 3198 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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