Completion of a thoughtful Multicultural Festival 2017: COD

Anticipation builds and the excitement grows as our Multicultural Festival gets closer and closer. Yet another spectacular, amazing and energizing Multicultural Festival themed COD took place between 11th and 15th December. Without a doubt, this is the most favorite event in our school calendar. The school glows with the smiles and energy of the students and teachers. The song I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) can be heard throughout the school. Celebrate Our Differences was used as the theme this year to celebrate differences and how beauty conception of mosaic leads to “respect”, “acceptance” and “appreciation” of differences in everything in this world and this community.

Since 2003, we have initiated the Multicultural Education Curriculum to serve as one of the key learning areas aiming at establishing an environment of ‘Harmony with Diversity’ for all our students. We treasure the uniqueness of our ‘Ethnic-Rich’ background and tradition and we are to nurture students’ appropriate values and attitudes for living in this ‘Global Village’. Our unique multi-racial environment allows us to put extra effort in guiding our students learn to be a modern civic citizen of a world of ‘Harmony with diversity’.

Quoting from John Lennon’s Imagine lyrics, “Living for Today”, “Living Life in Peace” and “Sharing all the world”, our students were given a platform to reflect on how they would apply their cultural responsiveness and embed our Multicultural Values in the array of activities such as COD WCYC, COD Cultural Visits, COD Dodgeball, COD Fashion Day, COD Michelin Expo and COD Variety Show and School Dance. Not to forget, during the week, the school was filled with the festive ambience, exhilarating participation by all stakeholders, pulsating music and more. So stay tuned for Multicultural Festival 2018!

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