Altercation in the Multicultural Festival Opening Ceremony? NO!

If you were watching the Multicultural Festival opening ceremony and you thought there was a real altercation between the two teams of dodgeball players, in particular John and Harpal, then our actors in both teams have staged a very good show and were successful with their assigned task.

This year our C.O.D Multicultural Festival commenced on 11th December. The opening ceremony was a staged dodgeball match between two teams of multi-race students competing with moments of intensity. Then, our principal came with deep fried COD to cool down the players and make them understand that differences are bound to exist and they have to learn and embrace the differences in a positive manner followed by an ecstatic Punjabi Bungra dance led by our teacher Mr. Pawandeep Singh.

We hope this opening with a dramatic element can imprint you with the core message of our theme Celebrate Our Differences (COD).





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