Students initiated Dynamic small-scale Physics Research in C.C. Lee STEM Centre

Rolling, bouncing, racing, zipping and squishing are some of the common sights in our Physics lab recently. Students in secondary 4 embarked on a research journey to explain and discover what is the science behind each of their research topics such as slime making, hyper-cooling, how to bend the football like Beckham and many more.

We believe learning is not simply confined to textbook learning but also using experiments with pre/post/follow-up design to entice students’ reflections on the rationale behind self-made errors and the test of their hypothesis. The aim of these small scale research allows our students to reflect on the rationale behind their own errors; demonstrate a greater procedural knowledge and a higher conceptual knowledge of the said area. More importantly, students’ ownership of learning is greatly enhanced!





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Secondary Six Completion Ceremony 2016/17


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