Reading makes a perfect Hipwoer

Cultivating students’ reading habit in school is one of our primary objectives in enhancing students’ literacy and academic achievements. Hence, active participation in both internal and external reading competitions acts as an effective mean to strengthen this area of work. Recently, our students received a first runner-up in the 29th Reading Carnival Game Stall Design Competition, a territory-wide competition with 37 schools participating, on the Best Reading Promotion Award.

In addition, the following 14 students,CHEN SHIHONG, LI MINGYU, LUO JIAYI,WA TSIN LEE,CHEN LIHUI, XING JIAQIAN,YE ZHIHE,NG NGA CHAU,SU JINGYI,SUN YU MAN,CHEN JIALU,KONG YEE YAN,LIU MIAOMIAO,TANG JUNJIE received the highest award in the Popular Reading Award Scheme 2016-2017.

So do not miss out the upcoming exciting reading activities organized by our library!



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