Seeing is creating more future pathways

Between 12th and 15th November, 13 S5 students embarked on an overseas study tour in Guangdong province in China to visit several renowned medical and IT universities. The students had an eye-opening experience of the rapid development of the universities and as well as creating an additional articulation pathway upon their completion of secondary school.

“In this study tour not only did I make get to explore China but also learned more about the 3 universities we visited during the tour. My favorite University was South medical university as I could relate myself more to it since it was about Science and medicine, Since my childhood I was already interested in science and always wanted to learn more and a visit to this university not only taught me more about science but also learned how doctors operate their patients for example in ICU. This trip was very memorable along with learning more it was really fun over there. I really hope we get another chance to join a similar study tour trip like this one.”

Our life-wide planning education initiates from realization, commitment and setting objectives. After taking actions, targets and strategies will be fine-tuned, evaluated and feedback will be given. Our strategies include the following:

  •  offering a student-oriented, self-access learning package which students learn how to establish their goals and plan their future.
  • guiding students to understand themselves thoroughly through personality quizzes, career seminars, workplace visits, and most importantly, writing personal statements in their student learning profile.
  • providing information concerning overseas studies (Mainland China and Taiwan for instance), through peer support, graduates sharing and overseas field trips.
  • expanding multi-pathways of local and overseas studies and encourage all S6 students to have multiple study/work pathways after graduation. Life Planning:

So, no Hipwoers are left clueless and have aspirations for their future.





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