Multicultural Festival 2017 approaching: COD

Multiculturalism/Pluralism is a normal and beautiful phenomenon on Earth. This notion covers race and ethnicity, skin color, culture, thoughts, language, religion and gender. All of us has equal rights and value in the existence. “Diversity” becomes synonymous to this conception. We believe that when we discuss diversity, three values are bound to resonate, namely, Inclusiveness, Equal Opportunities and Living in harmony.

Hip Wo, a miniature society of the globe provides an opportunity for our student body and stakeholders to examine the notion of diversity and celebrate our differences (COD). Therefore, COD is used as the theme this year to demonstrate how the beauty of “respect”, “acceptance” and “appreciation” can be fully put in place through the various activities. This year’s multicultural festival will be held from December 11 to 15. It guarantees a most extensive and varied program over the week.

Now let’s listen to our rappers on explaining the COD theme. Click me to watch full video.

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Hip Wo Human Library



Secondary Six Completion Ceremony 2016/17


Parent-Teacher Association Annual Outing 2016


2016 Multicultural Festival Graffiti Activity