Learning to be cyber-smart

Readers would have butterflies in stomach when you hear or see the word “WannaCry” ransom software. Recently, a workshop on Cyber Safety was co-organized by KPGM Volunteers and Reading Committee to raise our students’ awareness and build student schema on being a cyber-smart Generation Zers. Students found the workshop extremely handy and useful in their daily life. We would also like to take this opportunity to share some top tips in dealing with the ransom software:

  • BACKUP important data frequently and keep the backup data disconnected from the computer
  • DISABLE macros for Microsoft Word, Excel and other office applications by default;
  • DO NOT open any suspicious emails, attachments and hyperlinks;
  • REFRAIN from visiting suspicious websites or downloading any files from them;
  • CHECK and KEEP your anti-malware program and signatures are up-to-date;
  • INSTALL the latest patches for software in use;
  • DO NOT connect unauthorized computer resources, including those privately-owned removable storage media, to computers; and
  • REPORT to police if you have been asked to pay ransom

Surf safe, stay safe!



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